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"A whole person is a person who is complete in themselves and who they are in Christ, a person who is sufficient, entire, undivided, full, and in one piece. A WHOLE person is a person of strength, dignity, unity, and grace."- Our mission is to make you W.H.O.L.E!


Meet Gloria Godson


💖 Gloria Godson your vision is BIG and I stand with you in prayer that EVERY “Single” believer will be W.H.O.L.E and live a life filled with God’s presence, purpose, passion and power!"

"Divorce doesn't define me. My body doesn't define me. My job and race doesn't define me. My identity comes from God and Him alone."

Thank you Gloria!

"When Gloria Godson said that singleness is a credible, biblical choice, and that many Bible heroes, like Jesus, Paul, Daniel and many others were single their entire lives, that took a load off my shoulder. I do not have to rush into a relationship or try to conform to other people's expectations."


Professional Christian Counseling