"Hi Gloria, I now know why God pushed you so hard to get that wholeness study guide completed by the end of last year... When our singles started this study the first week of March little did we know how important this idea of wholeness would be to all of us going through the coronavirus pandemic! I have been holding virtual meetups on this study for the past 3 weeks. No less than 25 people each week join us! Plus now that we are meeting virtually even more join us who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise due to distance. Anyway, I have heard from so many that the concepts in your book have been a lifeline as we endure the uncertainty and fear surrounding this awful disease. I know it has been a lifeline for me as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness!"


"Thank you for the awesome message you delivered at Daughters of Esther this evening.....Reminding us that God wants us just as we are! We are enough, because we were made in the image of God. God bless you."


"We ladies at the Daughters of Esther were truly Blessed by the Word.
"The Power of Enough"
The ladies are still talking about that awesome word.
Thanking God for your ministry."


"Thank you again my sister for your obedience to the Holy Spirit tonight at Daughters of Esther! I suspect I’ll be feasting off of that message for a long moment! To God be the Glory!! " 


"Awesome word, a right now word and so needed."


"You were awesome with the word last night."


"Awesome, powerful message last night! To God be all the gory. He is really using you."


"💖 Gloria Godson your vision is BIG and I stand with you in prayer that EVERY “Single” believer will be W.H.O.L.E and live a life filled with God’s presence, purpose, passion and power!"


"Divorce doesn't define me. My body doesn't define me. My job and race doesn't define me. My identity comes from God and Him alone." Thank you Gloria!


"When Gloria Godson said that singleness is a credible, biblical choice, and that many Bible heroes, like Jesus, Paul, Daniel and many others were single their entire lives, that took a load off my shoulder. I do not have to rush into a relationship or try to conform to other people's expectations."


“Gloria is refreshing. She has great perception in her biblical insights and it was an impartation I received eagerly. What a blessing. It was spiritually worth it. Thank you!!"


"I was so encouraged by Gloria’s Keynote Speech and the Proclamation. I loved how Gloria presented the truth of who we are as single believers and how the devil uses others (various voices) to discourage us and keep us from realizing our God-given potential." 


"Gloria is a very passionate heart felt speaker that kept me engaged during her speech." 


"Loved the story in the keynote. It was encouraging and you could tell that Gloria was very passionate"


"Still praising God for you and the dynamic work you did last week via The Singles Summit. Love you Gloria and thank you for being an example of healthy and abundant single living!" 


"It was a great day and great night. Thank you, Gloria Godson for your love of God and your love for the single people and for your awesome team"


Gloria, “Keep going on, please don’t stop what GOD has put in you; its so many broken people in this world and God is looking for people like you. I pray doors open for your life that you can’t even imagine. Be blessed" 


"All I can say about Gloria’s keynote is, to God be all the glory!"


Gloria’s "keynote speech was amazing! It gave me biblical support for my decision to only have sex in marriage." 


"I absolutely LOVE Gloria!!! Excellent!" 


"This was so powerful, sister Gloria, so powerful!"


“Gloria Godson is a woman of God!”