Choosing A Life of Victory

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In this life-changing book, Gloria Godson shares seven powerful principles on how to walk in victory as a son or daughter of God in the earth. Gloria says, “These principles changed my life. Several years ago, when my life fell apart, these principles were the ladder that God sent down into the pit of despair and devastation where I was. I climbed up and out of the pit to freedom on its rungs.” God, our Father, wants us to occupy and rule over the earth, acting in His stead, as God. This book shows the reader how to do just that! Gloria shares her own stories, and presents stories of seven other individuals and families whose lives have been transformed by the principles in this book. The amazing results they experienced is eloquent testimony that these principles are as effective today as they were when Jesus walked the earth! Their stories of healing, restoration, prosperity, and victory would inspire you to walk as a son or daughter of God in the earth.