W.H.O.L.E: 5 Practical Steps To Wholeness in Spirit, Soul, And Body

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Our world is flooded with fear, worry, and anxiety. National politics, wars, pandemics, social isolation, mammoth inflation, and economic uncertainty have stripped many people of hope for the future and confidence in their ability to cope. Loss, injustice, life circumstances, and disappointments compound these insecurities and turn them into limitations. Others struggle with low self-esteem, wrong self-definition, negative self-talk, misplaced identity, and wrong mindsets. God wants to heal and restore these broken areas of our lives! God wants us to be whole.

The Bible says in Job 5:18, that "God's hands make whole." God has a personal commitment to your wholeness and takes a "hands on" approach to bringing it to pass. This approach is outlined in this book. 

Wholeness is both a process and a destination. This book outlines 5 practical steps to wholeness. It provides a blueprint to guide you in your journey to wholeness, reflections to enable a personal inventory along the way, and a yard stick to measure your progress towards that destination.

God has provided wholeness for you in spirit, soul, and body. This book shows you how to take hold of God's provision and make it real in your daily life. This is a must read!